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Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Open Letter

Dear Internet:

Six weeks or so ago I got a new camera phone which is great because all the pictures I take on my real camera look like they were shot in a someone's torture basement. The new camera phone is fanflippintastic news because I can now take pictures of all the wonderfully eccentric things I see all the time, like this:

and this custom-painted spare tire holder I spotted in Virginia:

and this:

The above picture is a skull sculpture I happened to stumble upon one day when I was trying to go to a gameboy rock concert and accidentally walked into a tango orchestra show instead. That last sentence is the exact reason why I live in Chicago. Without a mobile camera, I'd never be able to capture a guy reading P.G. Wodehouse to his girlfriend in an English accent on the subway at 2AM on a Friday:

or my dog kind of looking like a supermodel filled with sex glow after doing it with a rockstar on perfectly white high thread count sheets:

or really nice things some benevolent stranger has scrawled on the street:

or how beautiful the skyline near my house is:

or the exact moment months ago when I realize I'm not actually on a date and am instead on a platonic hang-out session:

Those moments are exactly what give life texture and as silly as it is, I'm thankful to have the technology to document it. Hey internet, I hope your day leaves you feeling like this:

Take care and take pictures.

Your pal,




At 8:49 PM, Blogger d said...

why does your phone take better pictures than my camera?

welcome back.


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