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Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm Back!

I'm back in Chicago and boy howdy, this place is just as fantastically ridiculous as when I left. Here's a confession internet - I was a bit apprehensive about returning to Chicago since Virginia was filled with a disproportionate number of adventures. When I actually permanently lived in "the big V-A" as Timbaland* calls it, I had an adventure once every six or so months, but in my short 3 week trip, I had probably 10 adventures, all of which are worth blogging about. I'm saving those for another time though, mainly because I need a few days to turn over said adventures in my head and make some sense of them first.

After saying goodbye to my family, the drive back to Chicago was boring. I got lost in Tennessee** and wound up missing what would have been a perfect first date with Bunny McIntosh and her husband at a tattoo parlor in Louisville, Kentucky. I pulled into Chicago at 3AM, driving through a fog so thick I sincerely wondered if I had died and just not noticed it. I was beginning to wonder if Chicago was as awesome as I remembered it, then a couple of things happened:

1) I had dinner with some ridiculously fun kids.
2) I saw the pilot episode to Bionic Woman. That deserves a blog entry in and of itself, but I will let you know this - it changed my life, even more than the Shins.
3) My roommate looked at me and said "Hey, it's Wednesday. Want to party?"

By that she meant "Hey, it's Wednesday. Do you want to put on an En Vogue's greatest hits album then I'll teach you how to lasso things like a cowboy and then maybe we can eat dreamsicles and watch a documentary on air guitar?" Roomie, that's the ONLY way I like to party. So we did...and when I think about my life 20 years from now, I hope I think about standing in my living room in a 1950's-style sundress, giggling uncontrollably while trying desperately to lasso an armchair as Hold On plays in the background. I am very happy here and very thankful to be back.


* Note: That is literally the only picture I could find of Timbaland where he doesn't look like he's ready to cut a bitch. Most of his pictures look like this. I'm making it my new goal to look harder on a daily basis.

** The geographically gifted types will note that there is no reason to be driving through the Volunteer State*** when traveling from Virginia to Chicago at all. I beg those geographically gifted types not to judge my directional ineptitude and instead focus on my wicked slant rhyming skillz.

*** The exceptionally gifted will note that The Volunteer State is a pretty lame state motto. You may as well call it "Tennessee: It Could Be Worse?" or "Tennessee: Hey, It's Not Idaho!" or "Tennessee: Even Lamer Than the Arrested Development Song of the Same Name."


At 7:43 AM, Anonymous Jeff said...

I'm guessing you didn't go through Pigeon Forge, TN - as I'm quite sure you would not be decrying that amazing state if you did...


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