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Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Open Letter

Dear Guy Who I Spoke to at H&M a Few Days Ago:

First off, I owe you an enormous apology. In my world of sweaty-palmed awkwardness, decent-looking strangers NEVER come up to me out of nowhere, tap me on the shoulder, and say with confidence, "I just want to tell you that you're incredibly cute." It just doesn't happen, especially without wanting anything in return. Women have a higher likelihood of spotting Jesus riding a yeti than receiving a genuine no strings attached compliment from a non-creepy stranger in broad daylight. In fact, the phenomenon is so rare that when it did happen, my first reaction was to give you a crazy quizzical look as if you had stuck an entire infant in your mouth and I simply couldn't believe my eyes. When I saw your face go from elated to deflated in 0.2 seconds, I realized that I had just been the undeserving victim of kindness, but by then you had turned and walked away. Being next in line, I paid for my things and spent the next 40 minutes looking around the store to tell you that I'm sorry for giving you an accidental face-melting stare and that I think what you said was maybe the nicest thing I've heard in weeks. I didn't find you, but I did walk out on Michigan Avenue just in time to see a man dressed as a tiger put himself into a tiny glass box. See:

I guess you could say that's two acts of kindness. Next time I'll just blush and say thank you. Thanks for being really nice.




At 4:57 AM, Anonymous Scott said...

I'm sure he understands though. Compliments like that just aren't that common and he is sure to know it too. Wish we all could be a bit better about giving and taking them though.

At 6:28 AM, Blogger J in Ric said...

That's pretty cool... ( I mean the compliment) and I could understand your apprehension.

I don't think we are hardwired to accept randomness like that (especially kind stuff)

Hope you're having a great time!!

At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Melanie said...

This is the saddest story I've heard all week. So sad, in fact, that even the pictures of the guy dressed as a tiger stuffing himself into a box couldn't bring a smile to my face. You have to find this guy. Not the tiger. The H&M shopper.


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