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Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Regarding James Frey

"Hold on to what? If you're drinking and using and all you got is dope and booze and you're probably a liar and a thief, what the f--- [sic] do you want to hold on to that for? You've destroyed your family relationships, you got no-good two-faced friends. What the f--- you going to hold on to?"

~Spoken by Cupcake Brown:

Sidenote: I love this picture because it looks like candy or money is about to rain down from the sky on her.

The definition of badass, Cupcake Brown was born into poverty, found her mother dead of a seizure at age 11, was taken into foster care where she survived sexual and physical abuse, began prostituting herself at age 12, joined a gang, and got shot by a drive-by when she was 15. Cupcake Brown, unlike Frey, actually is a recovering drug addict, having been hooked on heroin, crystal meth, crack, coke, marijuana, LSD, and alcohol. After hitting rehab, Cupcake Brown put herself through community college, then transferred to San Diego State University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She then put herself through law school at the University of San Francisco and wrote a book. Today Brown is a lawyer, earning a $100,000+ salary per year and collecting royalties on her best-selling autobiography, A Piece of Cake. In the Entertainment Weekly article that quote is from, Brown goes on to call Frey, "a sober, lying son of a bitch." And they say we're not ready for a black president.


At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

according to danny tanner (bob saget), you can't get addicted to marijuana. nor do i believe you can be addicted to LSD. "sober" is not a bad thing, especially when referring to addicts. "lying", well she is a lawyer. and i don't think she's in any position to call into question the integrity of anyone's mother, considering her own was probably not beyond reproach, and she herself was a whore.
after paying her way through school, she could have at least learned proper grammar.
being fooled by a white man does not logically mean that a black president is the answer.
also, last i checked, getting shot isn't something to be proud of... unless of course you are a rapper.
i guess you can take the woman out of the slum but not the slum out of the woman.
at least she didn't attack a security guard with a cell phone...


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