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Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Friday, February 10, 2006

Open Letter

Dear Guy Who Marketed the Tampons I Just Purchased:

* double click for closer view

I know you're a dude because a woman would never use the words "barrel" and "plunger" to refer to parts of a tampon. Those are parts of a revolver, not something you put into nature's safety deposit box. You may as well have used the words "battering ram" and "turkey baster" in reference to "the goonya." Barrels and plungers do not make me personally feel like "tampons can be used comfortably and with confidence." Those words make me feel like, by using your product, a fat man with a plumber's crack (stereotype alert!) is going to show up at my door with a tool box and offer to tighten the screws on my genitals. No thank you is what I say to that. No thank you indeed. You work on not making your consumer feel like a broken vehicle and I'll work on taking a non-blurry picture. Together we can make things better for everyone.



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