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Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

You wouldn't think that Luray, Virginia would have anything as cool as a reptile jungle
but you'd be wrong. Directly across from Wal-Mart on highway 211 West lies a mecca of things that slither

and sun
and do whatever this guy does:

If, like me,
snakes freak you the fuck out

there are plenty of signs that put everything into perspective
and you can just close your eyes when you get to the cage containing the 160-pound python.
There are other animals too
Some you can even pet
But nothing with fur will remind you of just how easily it can both hide itself and kill you, like the snake.
As you say goodbye to the Luray Zoo and Reptile Jungle,
you'll leave knowing just how far we've come on the evolutionary ladder.
And that will make you smile. This was one of the best birthdays ever.


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