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Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Thursday, August 25, 2005

And the Winner of Most Bizarre College Tradition Is...

Reason #7859403 to stay the hell out of Texas:

"Hump It Aggies! Aggies yell from a peculiar position called a 'hump.' To 'hump it,' students bend over and place their hands on their knees, thus enabling everyone behind them to see what's going on while the yell is in progress and also extending their diaphragms for maximum possible volume."

~Excerpt from the Texas A&M Galveston Student Handbook
Available online here.

Also from the Student Handbook:
"Just before the annual clash between Texas A&M and Texas University, seniors gather by the Academic Building and wander about campus in lines like dying elephants seeking a secluded place to end their days. This is symbolic of the fact that seniors about to graduate have almost outlived their usefulness to the Twelfth Man."


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