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Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Thursday, June 09, 2005

This One Contains A Lot of Family Guy References, Sorry

Last night I went to the first concert I've seen in almost two years...I know, that's lamer than FDR's legs, what? too soon? In an effort to stop my natural gravitation towards all things lame, this kid bought me tickets to see a the kind of band that everyone shows up with ducttape for (you know, because your face'll get rocked off...duh). And it did, seriously...consider my face officially rocked off. Here's a diagram:

What I learned from the show is this:

A) the only people who like the same bands I do are 14 year-old, poorly dressed girls
B) that concerns me surprisingly little
C) roadies are awesome.

I thought that I had a good job, doing my writing thing from French caf├ęs and such, but NO, roadies have the greatest job ever. After having several beverages with several of the glasses-wearing boys (and girl, no glasses) who worked the show (they were the only people my age who sincerely liked the band), I learned that roadies have the same basic stories I do, except in their stories, the words "100-square foot apartment," "by myself," and "because I'm a moron" are replaced by "shared a tour bus with Green Day for six months," "Motley Crue was there," and "locked a man in a wardrobe case and wheeled him into a crowd of Japanese teens. We thought 'someone's gonna die tonight' and we held our fists in the sky." Never before has anyone ever said anything so awesomely bad.

These kids were loud and crude and tattooed and rock to the max and it was love at first sight as I watched them debate whether they should try and split what's called 'a giraffe' of Guinness with two German girls they just met. I walked home alone in the cold, cold night and thought 'this is why they call it the city of Love.' Tonight I have a date with Weezer (I don't care if they're not cool anymore) and if all goes well, they'll be renaming it "the city of sweaty, up-all-night, smackin-that-ass, looooooove-makin with introverted rockstars." It could happen. Just let me have my dream.


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