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Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Monday, May 09, 2005

A Very Special Message Photoessay Thanks to Haduken

Do you ever wonder how much, in terms of legal tender, your friendship is worth? Well this weekend, the BF and I discovered that our friendship with the good folks at Haduken is worth $31 USD in shipping alone. This is approximately $30 more than expected. Instead of doing any number of things that 6 different people can do with a total of $31, the Hadukenites sent us a box full of home. See exhibit A:

Like the Native Americans, we used every part of your gift. While the BF got a little crazy with the wax bottles you sent:

I used the card to do some home decorating.

Here you can see your card (the small cat in the middle) sitting proudly next to a psychotic-eyed cat centerfold I pulled from a magazine and a hand-drawn picture of Trogdor courtesy of my college buddy Stevehog. Sometimes I tape my business card to the wall just for effect, but this is basically all the decorations we have.

By the time we had worked our way through the cookies, peanut butter, and Poptarts to the Fundip, whistle pops, and chocolate coins (which I ate immediately despite the fact that they had already turned white in the mail), all we had left was the Poprocks. Chris (the boy) dared me to taste the explosion (as the packet suggests) while drinking coke, but I was afraid it might look like this and quite frankly, my relationship can't survive sweeping up exploded brain matter.

Thank YOU Haduken, not only for your delicious treats, but for your gastronomic gesture of diplomacy, your aesthetic contribution to Chez Couchtera, and just for generally being cool kids. Keep in touch. Have a great summer. See you in the fall.


Chris and Chris


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