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Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Saturday, April 16, 2005

As far as I can see, gay rights is the last major civil rights battle for U.S. citizens our country has left to win. I think that when people of all sexual orientations have equal rights, our country won't be equal, but legally, we will be on a more level field to work out the details in court over the next fifty some odd years.

Moving from a place that still has the occasional Klan rally to the neighborhood next to the gay district of Paris is a cultural leap of elephantine proportion. This morning I was waiting for the metro and I saw two women making out. This wasn't your standard, two-girls-kissing-in-public image, these women were passionate and firey and, if nothing else, tremendously attracted to each other. Faces buried, you could tell that to them, only each other existed at that moment. I could forgive the dreadlocks with suspicious crumbly things in them. I could ignore food-stained designer pants and matching pit-stained designer shirts (with accompanying hats). Seeing two people who love each other, kiss is one of the most beautiful sights in the world, transcendent of gender, race, or hygene. What truly made me smile was when a group of high school French boys came in and not one head turned. As I looked around, the only person gawking at the scene was me, and that was out of sheer delight. In a small way, history was being made and repeated and I was filled with happiness and hope. If this kind of scene could happen here, it could happen at home too someday, maybe even in the same places where blacks were lynched and women were denied the right to vote.

The train across the tracks arrived and through the open windows, I could see the two bodies part. One turned just before getting on the train and I realized instead of a triumphant, ass-kicking, homophobia-conquering, lesbian of my idealistic dreams, it was just a really dirty man and it's hard to feel anything but complete hopelessness when you've just seen filthy people slip each other the tongue. Shaking my head in a cross between disgust and disappointment, I got on the train and hypocritically wished for a law banning those people* from receiving tax breaks or joining the boyscouts.

* By those people, I mean individuals who clearly have the money and resources to bathe once every three days, but don't...indie rock kids, hardcore hippies, and 50% of the people who showed up to the toga party my apartment threw Senior year of college, I'm looking at you here.


At 4:42 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

I feel it is a kind of fated thing that I read this post today, mostly because at lunch I read one of the most outrageous comments with so many levels of wrong attached to it. Allow me to transcribe: "Just because we have seen blacks receive equal rights and women the right to vote DOES NOT mean the same for lesbians and gays." I pulled this gem out of the St.Louis Post Dispatch, and I am pretty sure you can find that comment online somewhere as a part of the "Talk of the Day". I did in fact find that snippet of quote along with the rest of what he wrote. It's the fifth quote down from the top from eagle_eye222001 at10:49 pm on June 15th, 2008, if you want to investigate further. I however will be trying to acid wash that one out of my consciousness for a while.


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