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Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Lonely Planet says, "In a street where each restaurant is more original than the next, Tana takes the cake. Customers are greeted by rather sexy Thai 'waitresses' and immediately plunged into a highly exotic world where the extravagant 'hostesses' are equal to the dish on offer..."

Chris says, "In a street where each restaurant is more original than the next, Tana looks surprisingly ordinary except for the wicked cool lighting inside. Don't come expecting a restaurant with a sketchy massage parlor in the back. Customers may completely stutter through the ordering process upon the realization that the rather sexy 'waitress' both has a penis and is MUCH more of a woman than the customer will ever be. Customers may sound like morons when they say things like "Me wants a thing to eat that is taken spicy. Do you have somethings with this character?" and customers may look like morons when they try to keep a straight face as the waitress with huge hoo-hoos says, "Vous preferez le boeuf?" in a timbre matched only by Ving Rhames.

Extravagant 'hostesses' may or may not grab the hips of said customers' boyfriend and boyfriend may or may not come out of the restaurant wearing a bizarrely cool smile and immediately say, "Well, I can scratch that off the list of things to do before I die." Customers may or may not feel awkward asking the Thai version of Bob Villa wearing four inch heels for a few napkins to help clean up water customers' nephew spilled on the people next to them, people who probably knew the waitresses were men when entering the restaurant instead of midway through the meal. Customers may leave Tana's highly exotic world feeling clumsy and stupid, wishing they could go back and prove their ability hang with drag queens and eat a meal with grace."


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