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Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Monday, January 10, 2005

So I'm all snazzy new designin it all up in this piece.

I understand completely if you can no longer visit this site because I just used the phrase 'all up in this piece.'

Yesterday I visited
Reims, which is about 90 minutes from Paris. Reims is a fairly small place where an inappropriate number of historically significant things happened. We toured a cathedral where many, many kings were coronated, Clovis being the most memorable for me because his name sounds backwoods and yet, he was a king. King Clovis is like having King Bubba as far as I'm concerned.

(Editor's note, I just googled the word "
clovis" and I was directed to clovis.org where the Reagan quote "Communism only works in heaven where they don't need it and in hell where they've already got it" is prominently displayed. And while I'm not really sure what communism has to do with the Potter's House Christian Center that clovis.org is meant to advertise, it's times like these that I wish I had a really southern, Republican relative who liked Bush and sweet tea that I could share this moment with and appear as if I'm repenting my evil, liberal ways. Wait a second, I do have that relative...Lots of that relative in fact.)

(Editor's note #2: On clovis.org, just know that the writer did giggle when she saw the column on the right that says "What God Is Doing" then lists a number of first names.)

Anyways, back to
Reims. We toured the big, really impressive cathedral, which made my problems seem, well, small and in perspective. We went on a champagne tour which was only in French. Knowing an embarassingly small amount of French, which, shockingly does not include words like 'ferment' and 'carbonation,' basically what I learned about champagne is that its tour guides are unnaturally hot and amaretto tastes better. The rest of the day was spent holding hands and window shopping and sipping hot chocolate and doing anything else that would happen in a Jimmy Stewart movie. And for a moment, every other day just kind of stopped existing. And for a moment, life was just...beautiful.


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