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Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Howdy from Dublin

Well, so far, the trip to Ireland has been, bizarre and fantastic all at once. So far I've:

-- Had a juice box thrown at me by a kid on a bike
-- Been interviewed for Irish news
-- Seen a woman give an interview using a dildo as a microphone
-- Been accused of stealing
-- Met a man whose friend was an animator for the film, 'The Secret of Nimh.'
-- Danced until 2Am with an Italian man to Stevie Ray Vaughn covers
-- Had a drunk man dance, point at me, then laugh maniacly (spelling?)
-- Had a woman walk 2 miles out of her way to give me company for my walk
-- Ridden with a family I met in a newspaper office to a town I've never heard of
-- Sat in the chair of the Lord Mayor of Northern Ireland
-- Signed a peace wall
-- Hiked one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites

It's been a very bizarre five days. More fleshed out stories to come when I get back.


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