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Tales of a Post-Grad Nothing

Friday, November 26, 2004

Happy Day After Turkey Day Readers! (probably only Steve)

Yesterday served as my first away-from-family Thanksgiving, but I'm saving this story for another day...a day when my vocabulary level is above that of a four year old.

Poop. poop. boobies. poop.

Out of my system - moving on. Today I want to talk about how we poor kids in France have no TV. Well, it's not that we have no TV, it's that we have very little TV and certainly no good TV. We basically have two shows, one called Gloire et Fortune which is modeled off of one of the American reality shows. Anyways, Gloire et Fortune Paris style features an average-looking man who is surrounded my un-averagely hot women and really bizarre men. Basically every episode involves Average Man dressing up in a different silly costume and performing an interpretive dance. Personally I've always been afraid of interpretive dance, but that may be because I was told I "wasn't primal enough" for modern dance as a child. I haven't bathed for 3 days...how's THAT for primal? Got you by the perfectly toned balls on that one Royal School of Dance!

The other show we have is Star Academy in which uncommonly hot people cry a lot and there's singing involved. It's sort of like a more dramatic version of American Idol. In lieu of watching either program, I've started watching clips from The Daily Show, which, for me, is like porn since I'm attracted to basically everyone involved in that show. I typically watch anywhere from 5 to 72 clips of the show a day, half watching, half trying to figure out if it really is that gross to dry hump a laptop. Rod Corddry, you hulking chunk of man, how I would WORSHIP YOUR BODY!!!!

To get to the point (and to prevent my 'disgusting' count from going any higher, two is enough), this kid that I went to high school with...that I idolized in high school because he was the kind of guy who casually wore a belt made out of bottle caps and told stories about going to parties with No Doubt...was interviewed on the Daily Show. The clip is here, it's called Spoiler Alert, the kid I know is the one with innocent-looking eyebrows and bad facial hair.


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